Things to do over the summer family activities to keep the kids entertained

Some of the best memories I have as a child is from over the summer break. It’s time to relax slightly as the days are hotter and have some fun with your children, making memories and spending golden time together. So get off those iPads, tablets, Xbox’s and PlayStations and get ready to have some fun!!

Here’s a list of our top 10 activities for over the holidays:

Water fight

The squeals and shrikes fill the air as your children really let their hair down too it’s just the best thing to watch and even participate in if your willing to have some fun!

Fill the paddling pool up or have buckets of water around the garden. You can buy a cheap water gun from discount shops and prepare to get soaked!!!! Add water balloons for extra excitement and fun!

Woodland Adventure

Some of the best times are spent back to nature in the forest, woodland areas. Your children are allowed to get dirty (so make sure they are dressed in old clothes) and let their imaginations run free as they climb trees, build dens, playing magical games and storytelling.

If your particularly adventurous you can camp out overnight!

Visit the Zoo


This ones probably the most expensive on the list but such a valuable learning experience and great fun for everyone. You can read each of the fact boards as you go along or simply enjoy the beauty of the animals and watch what funny stuff they get up to!



My kids love to help out in the garden and are amazed when they see the achievement of their hard work. They enjoy pruning, weeding and planting flowers/ plants and they take good care of them each day. Sunflowers are a great example as they usually grow quite quickly enabling the children to see the progression.

Visit the Beach


What a great way to spend the day relaxing or having loads of fun playing sports, paddling in the sea, making sandcastles, looking for shells and sea creatures- you name it – it can be done on the beach!!!

Finding wildlife


Make a checklist of different wildlife animals and insects that your children have to find and be amazed at how many others they discover on their way too! We recently found a huge mass of baby frogs near a lake that we weren’t expecting to any my children tried to rescue them so nobody trampled on them.

Find local free activities


There’s quite a lot of free activities if you look for them. Things happening in parks and centres all over the UK including sports, crafts, trails etc and once you’ve found them I suggest making a fun timetable to show your children what fun your having that week.



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