8 essential items for your changing bag #ChangingBagGoals

Anyone else hate how much stuff you have to take out the house every single time you need to go somewhere? As if having a baby isn’t hard enough as it is you then have to take masses of equipment and supplies with you just to go on the school run or to a drs appointment.

If your like me and then pack every single thing you own into your bag just in case then you need to read on because I’ve devised a list of essential items that need to be in your changing bag. The 15 hair grips and the 5 spare baby headbands probably don’t need to be in there and will just make the bag cluttered so that you can’t find anything.

Organisation is once again the key to success with your changing bag. You need to know where everything is so you can easily find it. Think when your changing babies nappy on one of those horrible changing tables in public toilets and baby is wriggling around, she needs some nappy cream on so you have to search around your bag frantically until you find it- all whilst holding baby still with one hand. But if you no that the nappy cream is in the compartment on the right as soon as you open the bag, then it makes life a little easier. I have organised my new changing bag so that everything has its place.

Changing bag essentials

  • Nappies (obvs) but how many? This depends on how long your journey will be and how often your babies nappy needs changing. Advice given is that you change every 2 hours and I always try to pack 1 extra nappy because babies do have unpredictable toilet habits.
  • Baby wipes I try to carry around half a pack in my changing bag. Anymore and the bag starts to get too heavy.
  • Nappy cream buy a small pot or use the small samples that are usually given out at baby events for your changing bag. A little bit goes a long way.
  • Changing mat you will need a travel change mat that can be easily wiped down and folded up to fit in the bag. Some bags contain a changing mat but others don’t. I’d recommend purchasing a bag that does come with a mat then you know it definitely fits in your bag.
  • Bibs again go off how long your journey will be and how dribbled your baby is. You don’t need to pack 4 bibs if your going to the supermarket and your baby is not due food and not teething.
  • Medication if your baby takes medication keep a small bottle of some in your changing bag. If I’m going to be out for the day then I’d always pack some Calpol.
  • Spare change of clothes this will be different for each baby. Some babies need more changes due to being sick a lot or crawling everywhere and getting dirty and some babies can last all day in the same outfit. I’d always pack at least one change of clothes including socks. I’ve learnt the hard way not to pack extra pairs of shoes for each outfit change.
  • Mummies things purse, keys, suncream if it’s sunny.

I was lucky enough to review this changing bag from Miscoreray and it’s been a real game changer for me.

It’s allowed me to become incredibly organised as it has so many different pockets and pouches so everything literally has its own place- I’m in total love with it! It even comes with a free changing mat and a free matching bib (I love to match).

It has so much space that it’s great for big days out as well as my usual smaller trips in the day time.

I’m also loving the straps. You can use this bag in so many different ways- over your pram, hold in in your hands when nipping to an appointment or you can even use it as a back pack. It’s so multi functional I know i will continue to use it way after my baby is out of nappies.

The design is fresh and modern as well as being unisex meaning not only does it matter if your baby is a boy or girl but also it looks that cool that even daddy can carry it on his back without feeling uncomfortable.

If you’d like to check it out take a look here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07D8VSDVG?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title

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  1. Great to read your tips and see what others carry in their changing bags too x

    1. joannesreviewblog says:

      Thank you Claire. I used to put everything in the world in there but I could never find anything and I never used any of it. Now I find going back to basics works much better ?

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