May- My traumatic month!

Wow! May came unexpected and definitely with a bang in the most unpleasant way it could think of. I had a car accident at the beginning of the month which was incredibly scary and has caused a LOT of damage to me.

The airbags went off and the explosion caused damage to my legs, they were in extreme pain and bruised badly. The impact of the car has pushed some of my spinal discs out and my nerves are trapping in them causing crazy pain everywhere from my waist down. I have foot drop and my right leg is extremely weak now and also keeps giving way when I’m attempting to walk around. Obviously my neck, shoulders and chest are tender and sore from whiplash but with everything else that’s nothing.

Take a look at my post on relaxation techniques I’ve used after the accident here:

But then there’s the psychological component- the part that nobody can see the anxiety that fills me every time I try to drive and when I’m the passenger in a car I feel sick every time a car domes anywhere near us. I’m having constant nightmares and flashbacks of the incident and theres no sign of anything easing.

I’ve not been writing as much as I’m taking so many different medications that Ive been so spaced out and can’t think straight but I’m just starting to feel a little less sedated and like I can finally string a sentence together again. The drs want to increase my medication again up to a more therapeutic dose but I really don’t want to be spaced out. I have 3 kids to look after so I really need to feel coherent.

I’m desperately trying my hardest to do the right thing to get better but I’ve seen 4 different physiotherapists now and all of them have refused to work on my back ? apparently it’s just going to make it feel worse and today after someone pressing my spine the pain has increased significantly so I kind of accept it.

After speaking to a lovely lady who recommended carrying or wearing Aragonight crystals I’ve now ordered some beautiful earrings made from the gemstones so I’m hoping they will work. (Photo below) Also as recommended by the same lady, I am now I pursuit of a reflexologist in my area that may be able to help.

I’m ready to try anything that will help me recover quickly so if anyone knows or has heard of anything that works in this situation please let me know.

Have a read of this post to find out what product I love to help my back (before the

It’s not been all bad though I have managed to lose 8lbs last week (probably due to stress as well as trying to diet) but I still have a long way to go on my weight loss journey which I will share with you in another post. For now check out my previous post on my usual exercise secret here:

Have a good day lovelies ??‍♀️, between the <head> and </head> tags

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