Relaxation techniques

I may be currently physically out of action, not able to sit up or roll over but I can still write ??

Update from the bed- I’m waiting to find out if I need emergency spinal surgery- it all seems a bit dramatic and I’m sure it’s not as bad as it seems but none the less I’m here lying down not moving as doing as I’m told while I await my mri scan results.

It’s a bit scary and feels like d day- Will I need surgery? How long is the recovery time? I need to get back to work and most importantly I need to get back on my feet for my children. I have so many questions and so many thoughts while I’m just lying here. My anxiety levels have increased drastically and and I’m worrying about the potential outcomes and how they would effect my family.

As my mind enters total overdrive I remember the relaxation techniques I use for my patients to try and calm down.

My first port of call is BREATHING TECHNIQUES. As I remember to focus on my breathing, deep breaths, slowly inhaling and then counting to 5 before breathing out. This immediately takes my focus off all the stress.

I then start to practice VISUALISATION/ GUIDED FANTASY. This was also particularly useful during the mri scanner to help take my mind off the claustrophobia. Imagine yourself in a picturesque scene (I chose a beach ?) and then tell yourself a story, focusing on all of the little details. For example I visualised that I was sat on a beautiful deserted white beach. I imagined feeling the soft grains of sand and I focused on the gentle waves I could hear in the background. I then focused on the colour of the water and the small fish I could see in the shallow water. I was drinking a red and orange cocktail with lots of ice through a straw.

This is the start of my guided imagery- setting the scene and then you just let your imagination tell the story. It really helps to calm you down and take the focus off the problem.

Other relaxation techniques were not appropriate in this instance.

Once I had completed these techniques (a few times) I was told the fantastic news that I don’t need surgery and that the nerve is pinching on my spine so a mixture of physio and medication (and a little time) will help to resolve the problem. Big thumbs up from me ????

Hope your all ok ?

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