How to cope with sleepless nights

If you have a baby or young children you will most likely know the sickly feeling of sleep deprivation and all it’s glory. You have probably tried every trick in the book to try and get your little angel to sleep through the night but nothing seems to work- does this sound about right?

I’ve been there too, I know the feeling too well and it’s particularly difficult once you return to work and have to use your brain to think and make decisions, run around all day with very few breaks and then come home shattered but unable to sleep.It’s a vicious circle and it can make you feel really low if it persists for some time.

Here are some things you can do to help manage while those sleepless nights are in full force:

Make time to rest or nap

I agree it sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Who has time for napping or resting when you have an endless list of jobs that need doing and a baby to look after? But it’s so important that you take the time for a rest in the day time to recharge your batteries and help you deal with the following night. This was a tip I wished I’d listened to earlier instead of thinking I was superwoman trying to carry on as normal with very little sleep.

Leave the housework

I don’t mean leave it forever but you could miss a day or two without much changing other than giving you a bit of time out. You won’t get much dust accumulating in a few days and anybody visiting the house will most likely not even notice as they will be too busy looking at your gorgeous little miracle than to inspect your home. A tip I case the in laws come over and WILL inspect the house is to let them help out a little. I did this very reluctantly but it did help me out a lot letting the in laws do the ironing and a little tidying.

Take time for yourself

Remember your hobbies pre baby? It may seem like a distant memory but taking a bit of time to read a chapter of a book or going shopping to find some nice new clothes that fit your newly shaped post maternity body, could really help your mental health as well as making you feel human again.

Gentle exercise

Think a long the lines of a gentle swim when someone can look after baby or taking baby for a walk outdoors rather than hitting the gym or running which will consume far more energy than you will have right now. It takes a lot of motivation when you feel soooo tired but it can really help your mental health.

Let somebody else have a turn

Ok I admit this can be difficult initially as you have to find somebody willing maybe Daddy could take a turn one night or a grandparent but if you manage to find this golden opportunity – take it! Make sure you run a hot bath first and I’m sure you won’t need me to remind you to go to bed early to enjoy your night off.

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2 thoughts on “How to cope with sleepless nights”

  1. Ruth Barnett says:

    I’m two weeks off my due date and I have all this to look forward to! I will struggle to make time to nap…. But you are so right about it being important. I will try my best! Thanks for this post. ?

    1. joannesreviewblog says:

      Ruth get plenty of rest now while you can too! Xxx

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