What helps for a bad back?

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As a sufferer of a bad back I know too well that it’s extremely difficult to perform your daily activities as you usually would once back pain occurs. I have slipped discs in my back and nerve pain and some nerve damage in my legs because of this. Im always looking for ways to help ease the pain  slightly. The things that have helped me during a bout of acute pain are:

  • medications from the Dr
  • Chiropractor
  • ice- for nerve pain
  • heat for back pain

Now putting on a nice ice pack to soothe the nerves or having a nice hot bath works wonders while your in it but what about when your having to look after your children or going to work etc. It’s not very practical wen trying to adapt to a “normal” healthy lifestyle. I’m so glad I came across a product that really helps transition from the acute phase to a more manageable problem.

I was asked to review this lovely seat cushion with massager, heat function and cooling function:


I initially tested this chair cover out in the car. This product is absolutely fantastic for keeping you warm in the colder weather and cool whilst driving in the heat and since the weather has recently taken a turn, I’ve had the opportunity of testing out both functions – both to much satisfaction. The cooling function really helps to keep you concentrated on driving during the hot summer months and it’s also great for if you have nerve problems as it can help to soothe those sharp pains. Similarly the heated function really helps to soothe the pain from my back which makes driving that bit more manageable.

Then I was able to test the chair cover out on a chair in the home as it is easy to transport and fix to another chair my the clip device at the top. The cover is lightweight but looks very luxurious with the leather look so  it fits in with interior decor and in the car just blends in with the usual seats.

Once back pain becomes more manageable, this is what helps me keep the pain under control:

  • therapeutic dose of medication from Dr
  • swimming or walking in the water
  • gentle walks
  • resting when the pain becomes too intense
  • Physio
  • heat for back pain
  • ice/ cool for nerve pain

Therefore the seat cushion is perfect to keep for everyday use to help with pain management.

This seat cover is not just for people with back pain, it can be used by anybody to help feel calm and relaxed whilst driving or sat at a computer. Take a look here:



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  1. Kimberley says:

    Some great tips
    I need to get one of those cushions… my back has been killing me since having Harvey!!!

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