Easter Activities: Top 10 Family Films to watch this Easter in UK

We have two weeks off school to entertain and find some Easter activities for the children and while it’s great to get outdoors and play, sometimes the weather is too bad or when we’ve wore the kids out all day it’s really nice to come home and watch a nice film cuddled up on the sofa with our pjs on and the duvet together with some hot chocolate and treats.
I highly recommend watching the Peter Rabbit film at the cinema this half term break if you have the money to go to the cinema. We all really enjoyed it and us adults were laughing as much as the children. I won’t spoil the story by saying anything about the film but I will tell you about the amazing popcorn we had at Odeon. Wow! It’s  worth going purely for the popcorn, you can add treats such as minstrels (that melt on the popcorn yummy!), Oreos, MnMs, snowballs to name a few.

Recommended film list this Easter and Spring to add to your Easter activities list:
-Disney Bambi
-Disney Dumbo- 4pm Channel 4 (Easter Sunday)
-Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory- 1:40pm ITV (Easter Sunday)
-Free Willy – 11.25am on ITV (Easter Monday)
-Gnomeo and Juliet – 08:30 on BB2 (Easter Monday)
– Oliver! (Musical) 3:10pm on channel 5 (Easter Monday)
– 101 Dalmations
– Cars 3
– Despicable me 3
The films that are not listed with a time and date can be found on Sky cinema at the moment.

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