Snowy day activities with the kids

Mmmmmmm we all seem to be in the same boat at the minute don’t we that beautiful pretty white snow we all usually long for has turned into our worst enemy snowing us in and we’re all stuck in with the kids wondering what to do. It’s times like this you should be glad you have supplies in for activities to keep the kids occupied after making a snowman ⛄ when the kids get bored here’s some tips to get through the day with little ones . Messy play is your friend on a day like this let their senses receive some stimulation by hand painting ?, foot printing, painting pictures, etc. They will love the freedom and you can learn younger ones about colours and mixing colours to create new ones.

. Baking cakes, cookies, muffins, bread or anything else using what you have in your store cupboard is a great activity to enjoy with the kids- it also sorts out snack time and the extra warmth from the oven is brilliant in this weather.

. Use your child’s topic at school to create a fun activity to support their learning without them realising. For example if they are learning about dinosaurs- paint or colour some, or read a book on dinosaurs. Use this opportunity to see how much they have learnt so far and what they need to improve on.
. Plan some days out together for when the weather is better- find out what your kids want to do together and then u you can use this as a treat on their reward charts.
. Watch a film with the duvet on and some snacks- ok we all know about this one it’s a great way to entertain the kids for an hour or two when they are getting a little hyper or tired. Today we chose a film from “the snow collection” on our tv and we chatted about the snow how it’s created and why we have snow sometimes.
. Get the lego out- it’s surprising what creations your children will come up with and try to turn their creations into a game (if they let you)
. Board games- we love a good round of monopoly here and it usually goes well unless they are too tired.
. Make some play doh – kids love the magic of making their own play doh before playing with it I remember doing this with my mum. Why not try my
Play dough recipe
It’s so easy to make all you need is a cup of flour, 1/4 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of warm water and some food colouring.
Simply mix the salt in with the flour
And separately mix a few drops of food colouring in with the water. Stir the water into the flour and then knead. It’s really that simple. I’d say mix the water in slowly Incase you don’t need as much water.

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