Organising Mum in the home- tips to share

  1. Today I’d love to share with you my tips for becoming more organised around the home. With 3 young children it was clear I needed to up my game in order to run the household successfully.

The main things that have helped me are

• weekly meal plans

• family organiser

• creating a cleaning regime (and sticking to it)

• de cluttering

• Getting up slightly earlier to fit things in

• preparing the night before

• routine

Meal Plans

This begins on a Sunday evening for me, I now have a magnetic notepad on my fridge with a weekly meal plan and shopping list attached. I carefully plan the meals for the week and write down my shopping list for that week using as much as I can that I already have in to avoid extra costs. It’s helping me to come up with healthy new recipes too.

Family Organiser

This clever organiser from BoxClever has been a huge help over the past month having enough space for each member of the family to include everyone’s appointments and activities so I can look at a glance of an eye where everyone will be at a certain time each day of the week. There’s lots of other sections too including financial planning to help budget each month as well as monthly To do lists, notes, even a Christmas planning section. The best bit for me is the really cute stickers that I find most helpful for quickly putting in hairdressers appointments, special days tons of different uses.

Creating a Cleaning Regime

with the help of a couple of social media groups I’ve come up with a really good cleaning routine I can easily stick to and when I manage to get up before the kids I can get most of it done before breakfast.


this is so satisfying once done you can rest. Assured knowing all your rubbish is gone and you can live in serenity in your home. I took extra time to list as much clutter onto Shpock to try and make some extra cash at the same time. So for the mean time I have some clutter items stashed away in the wardrobe whilst I’m waiting to sell them.

getting up earlier

As mentioned above I have started trying to get up to fit some cleaning in before breakfast. Try this a few times and you will really see the difference it makes to your day – I feel so much more organised by doing this.

preparing the night before

This applies to anything you can possibly do to make busy mornings easier. I set up for breakfast, get uniforms out ready, shoes ready (although my kids currently have a thing about hiding their shoes every morning!) prepare packed lunches, get toothbrushes and toothpaste tube out ready, dinner monies and snack monies ready- you get my point.


I used to struggle sticking to a routine mainly due to working random shifts at work but whilst I’m on maternity leave at least I can try and get in the habit of a routine which also helps my children as they have Autism. Writing it done helps me and I love ticking tasks off that I’ve completed.

Try making a checklist from some of these tips and have a go at a few. Il soon be back with more tips and tricks for around the home.

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2 thoughts on “Organising Mum in the home- tips to share”

  1. Shannon says:

    I’m not a mom but I’m always looking for organization tips! I’ve never been good at using a calendar or a planner, but these tips are all great and can totally be adapted to my life with just myself and my dog!

    1. joannesreviewblog says:

      Your absolutely right Shannon you can easily adapt this to your life I find the planner useful as I have too much to remember without it but if you have another method which works well for you that’s great xxx

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