Who else is trying to get more active this year? Don’t give up those New Years resolutions just yet. I have a super competition prize up for grabs.
We all know the benefits of exercise has to keep us healthy:
. helps us lose weight
. Tones up muscles
. Helps us to sleep better at night
. Helps our overall physical health
. Helps our mental health
. Can increase our energy levels
The list could go on n on and we all know this but yet most of us choose to ignore it and then we wonder why we get so many health problems- me included and why? Mainly because we get bored at the gym.
So to help us along the way I’ve teamed up with Move GB to offer a 10 days free membership.
Move GB is an app I installed recently and subscribed to and now I’ve fallen in love!
It’s basically a gym membership but instead of going to one gym and getting bored of the same surroundings, same equipment, same classes with the same instructors Move GB allows you to attend tons of different gyms and centres with thousands of different gym classes, gyms, pools etc to attend. You simply look what’s on which is really easy to do on the app and click on the button to attend. Simples.
So to be in with a shot of winning this fab prize all you need to do is
. Follow my blog and add your email to Subscribe to this blog- just add your email in the subscribe section
. Reply with a comment to this post
. Like and comment on my other blog posts
Also, Sharing is caring my lovelies
Good luck ?

closing date 10thMarch 18


8 thoughts on “COMPETITION TIME”

  1. fivethings says:

    What a cool idea for an app! I just downloaded Sweat because if I have to leave the house it just won’t happen at this point in my life. I do love the idea though and will see if they have that option for me in the future.

    1. joannesreviewblog says:

      Hi sorry to hear you can’t leave the house to exercise right now. If you change your mind send me an email over to before the end of the week and I will send across your 10 free days xxx

  2. sue mc says:

    Sounds great, never been brave enough to go to the gym, this could be a good reason to give it a try

    1. joannesreviewblog says:

      Well done you have won a 10 day membership with Move GB send me an email to and I will send your prize over xxx

  3. Darsh Parmar says:

    Sounds fantastic! This year is the year I am determined to get fit and have made changes to diet and exercise. This pass would be a bonus. Thanks for the chance!

    1. joannesreviewblog says:

      Well done you have won a 10 day membership with Move GB send me an email to and I will send your prize over xxx

      1. Darsh says:

        Thank you! Am

  4. joannesreviewblog says:

    Thank you all for entering as there was only a couple of entries you have all won a 10 day free membership please see comments I’ve replied to you xxx

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