Austism Mum- small goals are BIG achievements

Awwww I’m a proud mummy this morning as my eldest boy received 2 certificates in his school assemberly!!!! One for his handwriting which has started to really improve (thank goodness! It was illegible until recently ?‍♀️) and one for his investiture ceremony at Beavers which he’s really pleased with (as are we!)

Its such a big achievement when your child with autism (or any child for that matter) smashes a goal you’ve been working sooooooo hard towards for such a long time and this week my boy has finally started writing clearly, neatly AND small. We’ve been working on this for what seems like forever so I’m just as pleased as he is. It’s had a big impact on his education and he has scored 0 on every single spelling test until last week purely because of his poor handwriting. He can spell every word correctly each week we spend lots of time learning them but when it comes to writing them down his teacher can’t understand what his words say- frustrating is an understatement!

Also, we’re super excited that Nathan has been welcomed dearly into his Beavers Colony. This is a massive step for him we’ve been trying to encourage him to participate in activities with other children for a very long time but it’s just something that he was unable to do successfully. As a rule, he’s not been very good at team games and prefers to play alone or not at all. So for him to have attended the group for 3 consecutive weeks and even made a friend I can’t tell you how proud this makes me feel.

Happy Friday People! ????

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