Sleep Deprived Mum

Well I’ve completed half of the washing up running back in the living room after every item because my baby is crying everytime I get up and and she’s asleep!!!! She can sense that I’ve gone every single time. At least I’m getting some exercise in whilst I’m repeatedly running back and forth.

Its exhausting when they are poorly. Sleep deprivation kicks in and after a few sleepless nights you can no longer string a sentence together sounding like a quivering wreck I’ve learnt the hard way to keep quiet when I’ve not slept for a while- it’s for the best!

Jokes aside, when your sleep deprived it does all sorts of crazy things to your body temporary memory loss, weight gain, high blood pressure, risk of heart disease. But what do we do when getting even half of the recommended 7-9 hours sleep is completely out of the question?

Things I’ve found useful in the 7 sleep deprived years since I’ve been graced with children

. Always nap when your child naps– I never did this first time round trying to clean n tidy when my baby napped just made me feel worse. Theres a reason the midwives advice you to nap and it really can help you get through the day

. Rest– it’s as good as a nap sometimes just taking a short while to recharge. I also learnt the hard way not to over do it when I’m sleep deprived as I’m still the mummy that has to get through the rest of the day with 3 children to look after.

. The housework can wait– major tasks can wait until you get a little more sleep. Having said that I’m determined to finish the washing up today which is turning into a major task with all this running around. But just doing what needs doing rather than your usual deep cleans things like skirting boards can honestly wait one more day.

. Lavender – aahhhhh everyone loves the dreamy scent of lavender. A few drops of this around the bedroom teamed with a lavender scented baby bubble bath can really help your little one nod off (even for a short while).

. If you have other children – Play centres and Parks can be a lifesaver when your too tired letting the kids run and play can make your life a lot easier and if you choose the park walking in fresh air can actually make you feel ten times better.

I know these things seem basic but honestly they do work so try them next time you’ve not had enough sleep for a few nights and hopefully they will help you too ?

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