Tips for the run up to Christmas

Soon were all going to get busy- very, very busy! It’s that magical time of year yet most people are too busy stressing about Christmas presents, what they are going to eat on Christmas Day and all the parties and events they need to attend.

Try and get yourself organised now in the last few weeks of November before the rush of December arrives, so that you can spend your time with your family and really enjoy the magic of Christmas.

So what do we need to do-

1. Presents- buy these now if you haven’t been buying all year round try and do this ASAP before the shops are riddled with people and the good gifts are all gone.

Look for deals such as Boots Star Gifts, they do a new one each week at Boots, also they have 3 for 2 on gifts.

Loads of deals in the supermarkets on gifts at the minute, I’ve found the best selection right now at

Argos have loads of deals this time of year- the big price toy drop, 3 for 2 on Christmas decorations, £10 voucher when you spend £100 (£5 voucher when you spend £50), 1/2 price on Christmas at home are current deals

Another method is to enter competitions to try and win some prizes for Christmas gifts. There are plenty of competitions this time of year and some you can even enter on a daily basis. Keep an eye out for competitions and you will soon see them everywhere.

2. Events- this is a big stressor for people this time of year usually getting invited to many different events and parties and worrying which ones to attend and what to wear etc etc.

Get organised now- write on your calendar or in your diary all the events you hope to attend and decide now which ones your not going to bother with (if any). Plan your outfits now, there really is no point in waiting until the last minute and stressing about what to wear- if you know about the event now then it makes sense to plan your outfit in advance. You don’t necessarily need to buy a new outfit, or wear frontally new outfits for every event- why not have a go at customising some of your clothes or pairing them up with different garments that you don’t normally team together- have fun playing around with your outfits while you have time and choosing the perfect accessories.

If you choose to buy a new outfit look out for the discounts in the shops and also don’t forget about online discount codes- vouchercloud, discount vouchers, vouchercodes are all a great source to look through before you buy. 

3. Food- got any supermarket vouchers- great way to get your Christmas shop sorted. Tesco club card vouchers to double up are a prime example of this and look online for other discount coupons to help you. 

Also, Lidyl have some inexpensive quality wines and spirits, why not save yourself £££££ and try and stock up on these for family gatherings, friends coming over, parties etc.

4. Once your sorted you can have loads of fun with the people that matter in December – stress free ?

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