Winner announcement- Cadbury hamper

Hi guys, Thank you all for your competition entries, I’m so happy with the response that I’m going to make them a regular feature on my blog. So if your not today’s winner then subscribe to my blog to keep updated with the latest posts for your next chance to win. The winner of the […]


Win a Cadbury chocolate hamper

Who would like to win themselves this Cadburys hamper bursting with delicious chocolate? Well here’s your chance to – but you’d better be quick before my little darlings notice it at he top of my dining room cabinet ? Jokes aside, one of you is in for a special treat. With special thanks to Wow […]


Things to do over the summer family activities to keep the kids entertained

Some of the best memories I have as a child is from over the summer break. It’s time to relax slightly as the days are hotter and have some fun with your children, making memories and spending golden time together. So get off those iPads, tablets, Xbox’s and PlayStations and get ready to have some […]

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8 essential items for your changing bag #ChangingBagGoals

Anyone else hate how much stuff you have to take out the house every single time you need to go somewhere? As if having a baby isn’t hard enough as it is you then have to take masses of equipment and supplies with you just to go on the school run or to a drs […]

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FREE CHECKLIST Travelling on holiday with a babys

FREE CHECKLIST for travelling on a family holiday with a BABY what to pack Ok so as far as packing goes it can be disastrous if you forget something and when you have a family to think about it can get quite hectic so I’ve devised a checklist you can print out and keep hold […]

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May- My traumatic month!

Wow! May came unexpected and definitely with a bang in the most unpleasant way it could think of. I had a car accident at the beginning of the month which was incredibly scary and has caused a LOT of damage to me. The airbags went off and the explosion caused damage to my legs, they […]

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Competition winners

May was exciting on my blog as I had some competitions running throughout the month. It was great to welcome new people over on my blog and all followers are greatly appreciated- I wish I could send you all a prize but I could only choose one winner for each competition…… Well done to Catherine […]

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Relaxation techniques

I may be currently physically out of action, not able to sit up or roll over but I can still write ?? Update from the bed- I’m waiting to find out if I need emergency spinal surgery- it all seems a bit dramatic and I’m sure it’s not as bad as it seems but none […]

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GDPR- please stay!

Hi there! Just a really quick post to say that the new law comes into place today and that you have the option to un subscribe if you wish. If you comment below I can remove you from the database although I’d absolutely love you to stick around. Have a great weekend


How to cope with sleepless nights

  If you have a baby or young children you will most likely know the sickly feeling of sleep deprivation and all it’s glory. You have probably tried every trick in the book to try and get your little angel to sleep through the night but nothing seems to work- does this sound about right? […]

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